Statutes & Corporate Governance

CORTE is a non-profit association governed by Statutes.

The Statutes are the rules governing the life of the association. They set the general rules by which CORTE is organised and operates.

CORTE has also established a Corporate Governance Charter, to support organisational and operational aspects. The Charter is a key tool for an efficient and transparent management of the Association on a long-term basis. This Charter has been drawn up in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Belgian Codes on Corporate Governance. The Charter:

  • describes the corporate governance structure of the Association
  • complements the Statutes by detailing some key organisational and operationalal aspects.

The rules of the Corporate Governance Charter aim at promoting a transparent, effective management and control of the Association. These rules are part of the overall quality policy implemented by CORTE through the ISO Risk & Opportunities Management system system.