CORTE is a member-based organization composed of the following levels:

The CEO proposes the strategy and main objectives of the organisation to the Board of Directors. The decisions are taken by the Board of Directors with the approval of the General Assembly in accordance with the CORTE Statutes.

The CEO, in close collaboration with the Board of Directors, is entrusted with the political and strategic leadership of the Association. The CEO has the responsibility of managing the Association, thus setting targets, elaborating a general strategy, implementing the Association’s policies and determining the results. He acts  with the guidance and approval of the Board of Directors, and ultimately with the approval of CORTE Members represented in the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors is supported by the Brussels-based Secretariat which is led by the CEO. The Secretariat implements the Board’s decisions and ensures liaison between the association and the European and international institutions as well as with the other stakeholders in Brussels and abroad.

Corte Structure