Road Transport Pillar

The Road Transport Pillar finds its origin in the MIDT project (2004-2010), dealing with road transport social legislation. The MIDT was composed of three committees (the Enforcement Committee - ENC, the Card Issuing and Networking Committee - CINC, and the Implementation Policy Committee - IPC). In 2010, the MIDT committees were replaced by the CORTE Enforcement and Card Working Groups. These working groups build on the expertise of the MIDT and deal mainly with road transport social legislation. In 2011 a new working group was created to assess the possible merger between the driving license and the digital tachograph card: the Card Sub-Working Group.

The Enforcement Working Group

The CORTE Enforcement Working Group supports the creation of best practices and common enforcement policies of Regulations (EEC) n°3821/85 on the digital tachograph and (EC) n° 561/2006 on driving & resting times of commercial vehicles. The objective is to solve problems faced by enforcement agencies in applying the legislation. The Enforcement Working Group is chaired by Hans DRIJER (The Netherlands) and co-chaired by Hans ERIKSSON (Sweden) and Bjarne SANDNES (Norway).

The Card Working Group

This working group is tasked with:

  • exchanging information between EU and non EU / AETR national authorities, relating to tachograph cards and driving license.
  • improving the use of cards at short and mid term (level of security, pricing of driver cards, card numbering scheme, tolerance period for renewing lost/stolen/malfunctioning cards, etc);
  • procedural issues (merging the tachograph card with the driving licence).

The Group is co-chaired by Lieven VANDENBERGE (Belgium) and Rémy RUSSOTTO.

The Car Sub-Working Group

The CORTE Card Sub-Working Group assesses the implications and consequences of merging the driving license with the digital tachograph card, at technological, administrative and legal level. The proposal to merge the digital tachograph card with the driving license was introduced by the Commission proposal to revise the tachograph legislation – Regulation (EC) n°3821/85 – in July 2011.