Board of Directors

The Management Board of Directors:

  • is the primary decision-making body of the Association; 
  • is entitled to take any decisions and/or actions which are considered necessary for achieving the Association’s goals;
  • has the responsibility of backing up the CEO in managing the Association, by setting targets, elaborating the general strategy, and implementing the Association’s policies.

The Management Board of Directors is elected by CORTE Full Members in accordance with the CORTE Statutes. It is composed of CORTE Full Members (up to 6 Members) representing national authorities.

The CORTE Management Board of Directors is supported by the CORTE Executive Board. The Executive Board is in charge of operationnal activities. It acts as a steering group to CORTE working groups, under the supervision of the CORTE Management Board. It is composed by up to 7 Full Members, 2 Associate Members and 2 Observers. It is elected by CORTE Full Members.

Executive Board