Vision & mission

The vision of CORTE is to become the largest and most knowledgeable international platform dealing with road transport, safety and security acknowledged as such by European institutions as well as the United Nations. Permanently established in Brussels, it will act on its own initiative and autonomously from European institutions and other road transport stakeholders alike.

The mission of CORTE is to encourage, promote and assist the development and implementation of policies for Road Transport, Road Safety and Road Security in Europe and at international level.

CORTE aims to develop and agree on:

  1. harmonized Best Practice enforcement methodologies
  2. common understanding, implementation and enforcement of Road Transport, Road Safety and Road Security Legislation.

To reach these objectives the Association inter alia:

  • provides expert advice in the area of European road transport, safety and security legislation
  • provides a platform for discussions with international organisations, public authorities, national and international institutions (including the road transport industry, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, drivers' associations and other relevant organisations
  • supports definition of road policies, outlining priorities defined by the European and international organisations and governmental bodies, gives advice on the implementation of these priorities preparing roadmaps, action plans, studies etc;
  • supports the activities of its members and stakeholders, the European Institutions, the United Nations and other international organisations active in Road Transport, Road Safety and Road Security.