Road Safety

Road safety supports the process of developing measures reducing the risks of persons who use roads to be injured or killed. CORTE focuses on three key issues within road safety:

1. Behaviour:
  • Fitness to drive (limited alcohol use, prohibition of drug use)
  • Mandatory use of seatbelts
  • Monitoring distractions (mobile phone use, satellite navigation systems)
2. Infrastructure:
  • Speed limits
  • Tunnels
  • Level crossing
3. Vehicles:
  • Vehicle inspection and road worthiness
  • Vehicle categories
  • Blind spot mirrors

Overall, road safety is one major concern in Europe, as 35,000 people are annually killed in road traffic accidents. The figure is alarming since it counts approximately 97% of all transport deaths in the EU. To illustrate the extent of the problem, for every death there are 4 permanently disabling injuries, 10 serious injuries and 40 minor injuries.

Road safety measures are generally associated with seat-belts, air-bags and similar, but they cover much wider spectrum of matters which can be divided into three sub-categories: safety of operation (behavior), safety of infrastructure and safety of vehicles. Vehicle safety is one of the key strategies for improving road safety because it equally addresses the safety of all road users. Up to date the European Union has adopted more than 100 Directives relating to vehicle construction and vehicle inspection.