Big data (LeMO)

LeMO will explore the implications of the utilisation of big data to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European transport sector. The project will study and analyse big data in the European transport domain in particular with respect to five transport dimensions: mode, sector, technology, policy and evaluation. LeMO will bring crucial issues linked to privacy, data security and legal aspects to the forefront, paving the way for future legal framework for the collection and exploitation of big data in transport.

The ultimate outcome of LeMO will be a policy and research roadmap for transport big data in Europe that addresses the needs and concerns of science, industry, policy-makers and citizens, and a steering group to build on those gains and drive the big data economy forward.

The LeMO project is coordinated by Rajendra Akerkar of Vestlandsforsking (Norway). CORTE is the leader of the work package on communication and dissemination activities. Other project partners include Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany), Bird & Bird (UK) and Panteia (the Netherlands).

Deliverable 1.1 Understanding and Mapping Big Data in Transport Sector

Deliverable 1.2 Big data Policies


The LeMO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 770038.

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