Since September 2011 road security has become a concern for governments worldwide and a significant number of measures have been taken to strengthen security in the transport sector both at international and EU level.

The UN’s Inland Transport Committee (ITC) has set up a Multidisciplinary Group of Experts on Inland Transport Security to identify possible threats and provide recommendations on how to tackle them. These are types of problems in the road security domain identified by the UN:

  • Vehicle theft and subsequent use as car-bombs;
  • Theft of dangerous substances during transport;
  • Illegal border crossing of persons and goods;
  • Attacks on key infrastructure such as tunnels and bridges.

Since 2001, terrorist attacks have prompted the European Commission to address the issue of transport security more thoroughly by establishing minimum European standards that freight operators should stick to in exchange for receiving a “secure operator” label from national authorities. This draft, however, was declined by the European Parliament as there were fears that this regulation would cripple small businesses and would not deliver results initially foreseen. The Commission withdrew its proposal.