Supply chain security (SAFEPOST)

The security of EU postal supply chain aims to accomplish the Single Market for postal services and ensure a high quality of those services. In this regard, the European Commission has already taken necessary and important measures:

  1. Directive 97/67/EC on common rules for the development of the internal market of Community postal services and the improvement of quality of service
  2. Directive 2002/39/EC with regard to the further opening to competition of Community postal services (amendment to Directive 97/67/EC )
  3. Directive 2008/6/EC with regard to the full accomplishment of the internal market of Community postal services (amendment to Directive 97/67/EC)

The security of postal supply chain has become a global challenge which should be considered in the broader context of secure EU and international supply chains operated by responsible and collaborating business networks. The current supply chain security initiatives are insufficient to deal with the complex issues at risk such as terrorism, drug smuggling and organized crime.

SAFEPOST - is an EU funded project within Seventh Framework Programme which aims to address the security of postal supply chain. The project aims to raise the current level of postal security services by developing sustainable postal security solutions suitable for uninterrupted flow of enormous volumes of parcels and letters.


The project will first identify the main security threats, threat actors and the existing security gaps in the current postal operations after which it moves to describe new security measures. The emphasis will be given to innovative targeting and screening solutions together with advanced information processing and operational optimisation capabilities. The solutions provided by the project aim to cover organisational, process, technological, human factor and training perspectives.

The new measures will be integrated into generic postal security models which together form a Postal Security Target Operating Model for the whole Europe. This cooperative distributed model not only provides information for postal operators and customs about how to securely exchange information but also assists in the optimisation of postal flows. Finally, SAFEPOST aims to propose a ‘Common Postal Security Space’ with a view to create in the future a European/World Postal Security standard information sharing system.

The aimed results of SAFEPOST can be summarised as follows:

  • Create new ways to provide supply chain visibility;
  • Provide the customs and other authorities a single and standardised channel to exchange information;
  • Provide cooperative strategies for dealing with threats and contribute towards common European customs standards and controls.