Road Transport

Road transport covers the transport of passengers and goods on roads. As a vital and essential foundation of our society and economy, it encompasses several key socio-political topics. Key areas of road transport that CORTE is active in includes social provisions and access to the profession.

Social provisions covering commercial transport:
  • Driving time
  • Rest periods
  • Working time
  • Tachograph legislation

One of the main focuses of the road transport pillar within CORTE is social legislation. The rationale behind those rules is two-fold: road safety and fair competition. Long and unregulated working hours deteriorates driver’s concentration and put road safety at risk. European road transport social legislation aims to encounter any problems which result in reduced road safety. Additionally, social provisions serve to guarantee fair competition between transport operators, preventing operators across the EU from benefiting from excessive working hours.

Access to profession:
  • Driving licences
  • Driver training
  • Cabotage
Rules of Road Charging 
Rules of Fair Competition

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