The integration of the TACOT trusted GNSS function in DT and/or existing ITS applications and services will directly benefit the road community. It allows the use of GNSS in applications requiring a minimum level of confidence in the PVT information:

  • In the specific case of Tachographs, this solution will notably offer the possibility to record positions of start and end of trucks’ journeys as requested by regulation;
  • It will also benefit other ITS domains (regulated or not) such as: PAYD, Anti-theft systems, Fleet Management Systems.
  • Furthermore, it shall also benefit Industry by authorizing new applications and services using the trusted PVT for a low cost.

The TACOT project will bring innovation in three different domains:

  • Sensors fusion: The TACOT project will be the first implementation of the Bayesian techniques to merge several sensors outputs, including GNSS data, to make it as robust as a digital tachograph (security level EAL4+).
  • PVT confidence: TACOT will offer a unique mean to get real time, continuous, precise and low cost PVT information associated to a level of confidence in for the road domain.
  • Digital Tachograph: More reliable location data and better detection of tachograph manipulation.
  • Other ITS applications: More reliable location data and better detection of location data manipulation.