The 'Monitoring of the Implementation of Digital Tachograph' (MIDT) Platform was set up in order to follow-up on the IDT project. The MIDT was set up to firstly help the Member States to introduce a digital tachograph, secondly, to inform drivers and road transport operators on the use of the digital tachograph, and thirdly, to support all stakeholders in their efforts to implement Regulation (EEC) n°3821/85 and the AETR. To fulfil these functions the MIDT provided Member States’ national authorities and stakeholders a Forum for discussion and exchange of views, a Helpdesk where an answer to a question was to be received within three working days, and training and communication. The functioning of the MIDT was largely based on the work of three committees: The Enforcement Committee (ENC), the Implementation Policy Committee (IPC) and the Card Issuing and Networking Committee (CINC).

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The implementation of the digital tachograph had a great impact on road transport in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Switzerland, and generally speaking in all countries covered by the European Agreement concerning the work of Crews of Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport (AETR).

The MIDT mainly concerned Members States and their national experts relating to the wide set of issues for the successful implementation of the digital tachograph system. Therefore, stakeholders included all 27 EU Member States, all 3 EEA Member States and Switzerland, and AETR Contracting Parties. However, industry representatives such as tachograph and card manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, transport industry and unions of professional drivers were also welcomed to participate in MIDT Platform activities.

In 2008 CORTE took over the management of the MIDT project.

In June 2010, CORTE Members agreed that the implementation of the digital tachograph had reached a stage of development that called for a reshape of its project, structure and content. The implementation of the digital tachograph system at EU level was agreed to be quasi complete and the MIDT became adapted accordingly: the MIDT CINC and ENC Committees were replaced respectively by the CORTE Card Working Group and the Enforcement Working Group. Additionally, a Sub-Card Working Group was created to solely concentrate on the merger of driving cards and tachograph cards. The new working groups were to carry on the work of the MIDT committees and to open up new issues indirectly linked, or not linked, to the digital tachograph such as the training of professional drivers (Directive 2003/59/EC), driving licenses, access to the profession, etc.