Road transport managers (KNOW-IN)

Knowledge-Intensive Freight Transport SMEs. For a new generation of smart, sustainable and inclusive oriented Road Transport Managers.

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KNOW-IN is an EU funded project in the frame of Leonardo da Vinci programme focusing on ‘Life-Long Learning’. KNOW-IN aims to assess the needs of road transport sector and develop the needed vocational skills for the profession of a road transport manager. In essence, the project will identify an ideal “Road transport manager” with the help of which the SME’s will be better prepared to answer the future challenges of the road transport sector. Simultaneously, the reduction in labor market mismatches is expected.

The main role of road transport manager is to assess that goods reach their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost-effective way. They take overall responsibility for the efficient and safe running of vehicles carrying goods by road. They are responsible in the production chain for a fleet of vehicles and their drivers, as well as for deliveries to get to customers on time and in good condition. 

The actual duties of a road transport manager vary depending on the size and type of business, but include nonetheless: 

  • Ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy and meet legal requirements;
  • Supervising drivers and maintenance staff;
  • Operating within a given budget and targets;
  • Maintaining accounts;
  • Allocating vehicles to drivers;
  • Making sure that drivers know where they are going and what time they have to take to their destination;
  • Making arrangements in case of breakdowns.

On a larger-scale the project aims to improve competitiveness of the European Union by promoting strategic management of human resources and fostering stronger synergies between innovation, skills and jobs, taking into account the global context and encouraging adaptations to national and regional level in an ethical oriented way.

The key objectives are therefore three-fold:

  1. Enhance the development of human capital in the EU road freight transport sector;
  2. Improve the image of the sector, as well as health and safety conditions;
  3. Improve environmentally friendly and sustainable strategies.