Social legislation (CLOSER)

The CLOSER project (Combined Learning Objectives for Safer European Roads) is set to complement the results of the TRACE (Transport Regulators Align Control Enforcement) previous project. In order to achieve efficient, feasible and effective harmonized enforcement practices of European road transport legislation, and based on partners’ proven knowledge, experience and expertise, the action will focus on producing common learning objectives to harmonise learning outcomes of all key professional transport actors (drivers, transport operators, enforcers), from the perspective of road side and company checks, in three major thematic areas related to :

- how cabotage rules’ enforcement is driven
- how the secure loading of cargo should be envisaged
- how TRACE results (notably pertaining to the application of Reg. 561/2006) can be extended to Transport managers and drivers, and how pending questions can be addressed in order to provide training material to all target groups (control officers, transport managers and drivers.

The action will be implemented through a seven-fold structure covered by seven Workpackages closely correlated to the phases provided for by DG MOVE’s call for proposals.

The seven Workpackages will consist in :

- WP1 : Project Management, Monitoring and Quality Assurance
- WP2 : Definition of enforcement control activities and competences stemmed from the European road transport legal framework
- WP3 : Consultation with Member States’ national administrations : identification of best practices and problems encountered
- WP4 : Curriculum and training material design
- WP5 : Training for the trainers and multiplier effect

-  WP6 : Training workshops and piloting
-  WP7 : Dissemination and capitalisation.

The action will produce training elements and learning material for professional drivers, transport managers and control officers facilitating a harmonized application of EU road transport legislation.
Moreover, the action will result in the constitution of a European-wide network of relevant stakeholders involved in the enforcement of EU road transport legislation.