Enforcement Working Group

In 2011 the MIDT Card Issuing and Networking Committee (CINC) and the Enforcement Committee (ENC) were replaced respectively by the CORTE Card and the Enforcement Working Groups. These working groups build on the expertise of the MIDT committees and deal with various topics directly or indirectly linked to road transport solcial legislation, driving & resting times of commercial drivers and the use of the digital tachograph.

The CORTE Enforcement Working Group supports the creation of best practices and common enforcement policies of Regulations (EEC) n°3821/85 on the digital tachograph and (EC) n° 561/2006 on driving & resting times of commercial vehicles. This Group’s goal is to solve problems faced by enforcement agencies. The Enforcement Working Group is chaired by Hans DRIJER (The Netherlands) and co-chaired by Hans ERIKSSON (Sweden) and Bjarne SANDNES (Norway).

Documents from the Enforcement Working Group meetings can be accessed here.