Driving attestation

From 2011 driver attestations are governed by Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009. It only applies to drivers who are neither a national of a Member State nor a long-term resident of a Member State.

The driver attestation is a document certifying that the driver of a vehicle is either lawfully employed by the EU transport operator in the Member State in which the operator is established, or lawfully placed at the disposal of that operator. A driver attestation allows Member States to check whether drivers from third countries are lawfully employed for a given transport operation to prevent any fraud and ensure fair competition. 

A driver attestation is issued for a period determined by the issuing Member State, but its maximum validity is 5 years. The driver attestation is valid only as long as the conditions under which it was issued are satisfied. Member States are obliged to monitor the hauliers’ compliance with these conditions.