Equipment Life Cycle

Under this section you can find information related to the installation, activation, calibration, installation plaque, sealing, periodic inspections and repairs of the digital tachograph.

1. Installation

Mounting of the recording equipment (or of one of its component) in a vehicle.

2. Activation

Operation at the end of which:

  • The security features of the recording equipment are fully in place,
  • The recording equipment starts recording activities, events and faults.
3. Calibration 

Introduction in the memory of the recording equipment of the vehicle parameters. These parameters include the vehicle identification (VIN, VRN, and Registration Nation) and the vehicle characteristics (w, k, l, speed limiter value, current odometer value, and current UTC time).

4. Checks / Inspection 

Set of operations performed to ensure that the recording equipment works properly and that its settings correspond to the vehicle characteristics.

5. Repair 

Any operation on a main component of the recording equipment that require to disconnect its power supply or to disconnect it from other main components or to open it.