Calibration means updating or confirming vehicle parameters to be held in the data memory. Vehicle parameters include vehicle identification (VIN, VRN and registering Member State) and vehicle characteristics (w, k, l, tyre size, speed limiting device setting if applicable, current UTC time, current odometer value). The calibration of the recording equipment can only be performed when a workshop card is inserted in the equipment.

The recording equipment must keep in its memory the set of vehicle parameters entered during its first calibration within this vehicle (as denoted by the VIN – Vehicle Identification Number) and during the last five calibrations. The workshop identification and date of the calibration are also memorised.


If several calibrations happen within one calendar day, only the last one of the day is memorised. The workshop card has the capability to record the calibration activity performed with this card. These records are organised as follows: recording of 88 records minimum and then replacement of the oldest data by the newest ones.