Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections of the equipment fitted to the vehicles shall take place:

  • After any repair of the equipment,
  • Or after any alteration of the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle,
  • Or after any alteration of the effective circumference of the tyres,
  • Or after equipment UTC time is wrong by more than 20 minutes,
  • Or when the VRN has changed,
  • And at least once within two years (24 months) of the last inspection.

These inspections shall include the following checks that:

  • The recording equipment is working properly, including the data storage in tachograph cards function,
    Compliance with maximum tolerances on installation is ensured,
    The recording equipment carries the type approval mark,
    The installation plaque is affixed,
    The seals on the equipment and on the other parts of the installation are intact,
    The size and the actual circumference of the wheel tyres.

These inspections shall include a calibration.