How to use it?

Drivers are issued with a tachograph smart card, so called ‘Driver Card’. The card constitutes the personal file of that driver. On it, all drivers’ activities are stored and the card contains at least 28 days of activities in which the latest data overwrites the oldest one. It is important to insert the card in the equipment right at the start of a working day. Only then is the working time recorded from the beginning. However the card must be at disposal all times, even when a vehicle is equipped with a mechanical tachograph.

Drivers use a Vehicle Unit (VU) which is allocated to a vehicle and a company. It has 2 slots for cards and it records activities, even if performed without a driver card (i.e. in case of lost, stolen or not issued card). Driving time is in fact recorded as soon as the vehicle is moving, even if no card is inserted in the VU.