The Driver Card

The Driver Card has the following specifications:

  • Predominant White Background
  • Personal Card (a driver may hold only one card)
  • Contains an average of 28 days of driver’s activity
  • Has a maximum administrative validity of 5 years (the administrative validity can be shorter depending on national issuing authorities)
  • Issued to a driver having his/her main residence in a State where the use of digital tachograph is mandatory (European Union starting from 2005 and AETR contracting parties starting provisionally from 2010)
  • Contains an area where data are entered manually by the driver (activities performed when away from the vehicle, locations where daily work periods start and end, other specific work conditions)
  • The card may not, during its official period of validity, be withdrawn or suspended for whatever reason unless the competent authority of a State finds that the card has been forged, or that the driver is using a card which does not belong to him/her, or that the card held has been obtained on the basis of false declarations and/or forged documents.