Data on the Company Card

A Company Card contains the following data that are recorded automatically:

  1. Card Identification
  2. Card Holder Identification
  3. Company Activity Data
Card Identification
  • Card number
  • Issuing Authority Name, Date of Issue
  • Card Beginning of Validity Date, Card Expiry Date (if any)
Card Holder Identification
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
Company Activity Data

The company card stores the following company activity data:

  • Date & Time of the Activity
  • Type of Activity (VU locking in and/or out, and/or VU downloading and/or card downloading)
  • Period downloaded (if any)
  • VRN and the registering authority of vehicle
  • Card Number & Card Issuing authority (in case of card downloading)

The company card holds at least 230 such records.