A key element of Regulation (EEC) n°3821/85 as last amended is the capacity to guarantee that a driver holds only one driver card.

Individual Member States where drivers have their normal residence are competent to issue these cards. Therefore these competent national authorities must be able to check that only one card is issued per driver. 

To avoid that a driver holds more than one card from different Member States, the Member States authority carries out a check. It also allows control officers, during both roadside and company checks, to make sure that drivers did not misuse their card or that they did not legitimately drove without using their driver card.

In order to guarantee a reliable system among Member States that checks the issuing of unique driver cards, it was felt necessary to have an appropriate telematics network.

This telematics network is called TACHOnet. It aims at facilitating data exchange between national administrations in charge of the issuing of tachographs cards, as stated in Regulation (EEC) n°3821/85 as last amended.

The TACHOnet network ensures a reliable and secure exchange of the necessary and sufficient data among Member States that issue tachograph cards to help them in fulfilling the requirements of Regulation (EEC) n°3821/85 as last amended. Following the adoption of the Commission Regulation (EC) n° 1266/2009, the electronic exchange of information has been made mandatory.

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