Type Approval Procedure

The type approval procedure of the digital tachograph and related smart cards is very specific to this new technology.

To grant a type approval certificate to a recording equipment or to a tachograph card, Member States type approval authorities need:

  • The Functional Certificate,
  • The Security Certificate,
  • And the Interoperability Certificate.

The procedure is divided in three consecutive parts:

1. The Functional Certificate

Every manufacturer will have to prove to national authorities in charge of the type approval procedures, that its product respects the technical requirements defined in the Annex IB of the Regulation (EEC) n°3821/85 as last amended.

2. The Security Certificate

Every manufacturer will also have to prove that the security requirements defined in afore mentioned legal texts are respected. To do so, it will have to apply to an ITSEC authority.

3. The Interoperability Certificate

Every manufacturer will have to prove the interoperability of its products with those already type-approved (a card manufacturer will have to prove that its tachograph card is readable by any other type-approved digital tachograph and vice versa. 

These tests shall be performed by the European Commission itself in its Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra (Italy).

The combination of these three certificates shall allow a manufacturer to finally be granted with a type-approval certificate, which will then mutually be recognised by each EU Member State, as well as by each AETR Contracting Party.

Any modification in software or hardware of the equipment or in the nature of materials used for its manufacture shall, before being used, be notified to the authority which granted type-approval for the equipment. This authority shall confirm to the manufacturer the extension of the type approval, or may require an update or a confirmation of the relevant functional, security and/or interoperability certificates.

Procedures to upgrade in site recording equipment software shall be approved by the authority which granted type approval for the recording equipment. Software upgrade must not alter nor delete any driver activity data stored in the recording equipment. Software may be upgraded only under the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer.

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ITSEC stands for ‘Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria’ and was adopted by Council Recommendation n°95/144/EC of 7th April 1995 (OJEC n°L93, 26/04/1995). Find more information about interoperability test procedure and certification on the EC Joint Research Centre website.