Workshop Approval

It is the responsibility of approved workshops to ensure that, when the recording equipment leaves the workshop, it meets the requirements set out in European legislation (Regulation (EC) n° 561/2006).

By providing a legal framework, regulations ensure that the appropriate equipment is available and maintained to support EU Regulation on Drivers’ Hours (Regulation (EC) n° 561/2006). All digital tachographs need to be, at some point, activated, calibrated, inspected, and, ultimately, decommissioned from service. Workshops are expected to provide this front-line support and expertise, and to take on tasks and roles specific to the digital tachograph. Still, the introduction of digital tachograph requires new skills, new technical and administrative procedures, often including an entirely new set rules, such as Data Protection issues when handling downloaded data.

Workshop approval is a procedure that the National Authority carries out. Criteria to approve workshops in the country and national requirements for approval under the framework of digital tachograph are defined by national Competent Authorities.

Existing workshops – those already dealing with analogue tachographs – already have a range of procedures in place, and some of these may need to be reviewed or modified when applying for digital tachograph approval. In that case, workshops should build on existing procedures or administrative measures already in place; while Competent Authorities should allow the existence of two systems (analogue/modular and digital) to be as compatible, simple and practicable as possible.

Introduction of digital tachograph also brings new security issues. In order to minimise the possibility of mistakes or errors, the National Authorities have to ensure that adequate audit and security control systems are in place. Workshops and their staff need access to the necessary guidance, support and technical knowledge related to digital tachograph. A key aspect of the requirements for workshops approval is the appropriate level of security in order to minimise the opportunities for fraudulent use or handling of Workshop Cards.

Workshops & Fitters – What is the difference?

It is the same if Competent Authorities approve people or organisations to conduct tachograph work, and place upon them the full responsibility for their actions and those of their employees (including technicians who conduct inspections, calibrations and repairs).

It is a different approval if Competent Authorities separately approve ‘workshops’ and ‘fitters’. In that case ‘workshops’ are individuals or organisations that conduct work on tachographs; while ‘fitters’ are individual technicians employed by the workshops to conduct inspections, calibrations and repairs. In such situation, Competent Authorities hold both entities responsible for individual and joint conduct.

Please have a look at our Points of Contact Section and refer to your national Competent Authority for further information on the procedure and requirements for workshop approval in your country.

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