CORTE Factsheets

CORTE produces Factsheets which are adopted during CORTE Working Group meetings by CORTE Members and stakeholders, including a very large majority of EU and EEA national authorities, Road Transport Associations and the Road Industry (including tachograph manufacturers) participating to the CORTE meetings. The Factsheets are produced with the cooperation of experts from the CORTE Membership. They help Member States and CORTE Members tackle concrete issues. The Factsheets support the harmonisation of best enforcement practices across the European Union.

The Factsheets can be downloaded free of charge by all CORTE members after they login to the restricted area.

Document name Size Access
CORTE Factsheet 3 Unintended recording of driving time by digital tachographs 512 KB Member only
CORTE Factsheet 2 Social legislation and extraterritorialiy of infringements 578 KB Member only
CORTE Factsheet 1 Expiry date of digital tachograph cards 511 KB Member only