Assistance to development of tachograph systems

  • Address: Vilonova ul, 41, liter A, office 13/620137
  • City: Ekaterinburg
  • Zip: 620137
  • Country: Russia
  • Phone: +7 343-260-15-15
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Created in August 2013, the organisation is a non-commercial partnership 'Assistance to development of tachographic systems (NP ADTS)'. The members of the Partnership are organizations and natural persons engaged in sphere of design, manufacture, operation and application of tachographs with a wide geography covering the whole Russian Federation.

Partnership objectives:

- Assistance Partnership members in the development of service centers (workshops) of the installation and maintenance of tachographs;
- Assisting members of the partnership to increase the capacity of their production, professional and social development;
- Improving road transport safety as a result of the installation and maintenance of devices for the control of work and rest of drivers (tachographs);
- Providing the availability of necessary volume and quality of the services during installation and maintenance of tachographs.