Why become a member

CORTE provides a platform for exchange of good practice and harmonized implementation of road transport legislation, including social conditions relating to road transport. CORTE does not only provide practical knowledge and expertise on enforcement-related issues, but strongly promotes political aspects. 

CORTE benefits are inter alia the following:

  • provide expert advice in the area of European road transport, safety and security legislation
  • reach agreements among its members on best enforcement practicies
  • give access to its Help Desk on transport issues (with a strong focus on road social legislation: driving & resting times rules for commercial drivers and the use of the tachograph)
  • give access to its working groups and working documents
  • provide a platform for discussions with international organisations, public authorities, national and international institutions (including the road transport industry, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, drivers' associations and other relevant organisations
  • support definition of road policies, outlining priorities defined by the European and international organisations and governmental bodies, gives advice on the implementation of these priorities preparing roadmaps, action plans, studies etc;
  • support the activities of its members and stakeholders, the European Institutions, the United Nations and other international organisations active in Road Transport, Road Safety and Road Security

More information about the services is available here.

For more information on how to join the CORTE Membership, please contact the Secretariat.