Highlights - Exchange of views with the European Coordinator for Road Safety - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Bad Weather Driving on a Highway
The TRAN Committee has invited Mr Matthew Baldwin, European Coordinator for Road Safety to the next TRAN meeting. Following the common framework for road safety and the strategic action plan, based on the Safe System recommended globally by the World Health Organisation, the Commission confirmed the long term goal of zero fatalities in road transport to be reached by 2050 ("Vision Zero").

Moreover, interim targets have been introduce in order to reduce both the number of road deaths and serious injuries by 50% between 2020 and 2030. Mr Baldwin declared he will focus on results, on bringing down the death and serious injury numbers, because while the EU is the region with the safest roads in the world, the latest road safety figures show that progress is stagnating.
The exchange of views will take place Monday afternoon, 20 January 2020 in room ANTALL 6Q2 from where it will be webstreamed.

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