Highlights - Exchange of views IMO - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Emblem of the International Maritime Organization IMO
The TRAN Committee is honoured to welcome the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr Kitack LIM who will provide an overview of the activities of the International Maritime Organization regarding shipping issues.

While preserving the competitiveness of the sector and ensuring level-playing field at international level and with the adoption of the Green Deal, a joint vision needs to be established on CO2 reduction targets between IMO and the European Parliament. With regards to emission reductions, the TRAN Committee is interested in having a discussion on operational measures such as the use of alternative fuels, slow steaming or cold-ironing in ports.

The exchange of views will take place on Thursday afternoon, 20 February 2020 in room ANTALL 4Q1 from where it will be webstreamed.

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