Smart tachograph: identification of false motion sensor

Smart tachograph Version 1 - false motion sensor identifaction:

In some occasions when the vehicle is in not moving and the recording equipment is in hibernation, the system (KITAS4 and SE5000-8 rev A) could experience an intermittent communication issue.

This could generate a “x35”, motion sensor error, in the SE5000-8 “rev A”
The following 3 evidences must be available to identify this specific “x35”
1.Vehicle was not moving
2.Events and Faults Print-out: Duration of the “x35” fault is maximum 00h 02 min. Typical example A: “x35” duration is 1 minute, no driver card in the unit. Typical example B: “x35” duration is 0 minutes, driver card in the unit
3.Power Supply Interruption: No power supply interruption ending immediately before this “x35” error.

Functionality and integrity of the system is not affected if there is evidence for the “x35” as per point 1), 2) and 3) above. Consequently, this means:
•No wrong act of the driver.
•No data loss or data integrity issues.