Hearings - Hearing on Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead - 30-11-2020 - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Snow covered mountain. Forest. Green lake. Woman enjoying freedom on nature outdoors.
Tourism has been high on the TRAN committee’s agenda, with Members actively involved in an ongoing dialogue on sustainable recovery. TRAN also looks towards the future, bearing the strategic orientations of tomorrow’s tourism in mind, and as part of this effort will hold a public hearing on "Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead".

This hearing will be devoted to two aspects of future tourism policy: planning the future for the industry: towards an EU tourism policy and transition to sustainable, responsible and smart tourism: enabling the future through innovation.

Invited experts from the industry will be contributing their views to stimulate a hopefully fruitful dialogue with the Members. The hearing will be webstreamed.

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