News & events

14.02.2013 Navigation study of the upper Rhine river receives EU support

13.02.2013 Public consultation on Pilotage Exemption Certificates in the European Union

13.02.2013 Statement: ACEA welcomes President Obama’s Intention to Launch EU-US Free Trade Negotiations



13.02.2013 Innovative financial solutions to build and run motorway in the Czech Republic

13.02.2013 Important EU grants set to help transform rail freight transport

12.02.2013 Guidelines for deployment of urban ITS now published

12.02.2013 EU financially supports the modernisation of Belgium’s Albert Canal

11.02.2013 Highlights - Presentation of the Fourth Railway Package - Committee on Transport and Tourism

The TRAN Committee will hold an exchange of views with the European Commission on the 4th Railway Package on 19.02.13 from 15.00-16.30 in room 2Q2 (Jozsef Antall building).   Matthias Ruete, Director-General for Mobility and T...


11.02.2013 Highlights - Modalities for reaching the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Eider Gardiazábal Rubial's two legislative opinions seek to determine the modalities for reaching the mandatory CO2 reduction 2020 targets for new passenger cars and new light commercial vehicles.   The opinions wi...


11.02.2013 Highlights - Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme - "stop the clock" - Committee on Transport and Tourism

A consideration of amendments tabled to Mathieu Grosch's opinion will be held in the next TRAN meeting on 18.02.2013. The vote in committee will be held the following day.   The EU will seek to "stop the clock" on the implement...