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25.03.2010 Ergonomic solutions in tomato harvesting and post-harvest handling

The harvest and post-harvest handling of tomatoes is manual and labour intensive work. As this work involves a lot of repetitive movements, lifting, pushing and pulling, there is a substantial risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders.


16.03.2010 Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among the workers at Port Wine vines cultivation

 A high productivity is crucial in the rural production in order to reduce exploitation costs and to increase the international competitiveness of the products. All the organisation of work associated with the grape harvesting and transportation to the processing equipment was implemented with ...


15.03.2010 Specific ergonomic training for fishermen and other boat workers

All workplaces on the boats of the JSC ‘Smiltynes Perkela’ are equipped in accordance with applicable requirements. However most of works on the fishing and transport boats are related to the manual handling and lifting of the various loads and repetitive movements or incorrect working postures....


03.02.2010 Call for tender: Harmonising risk acceptance criteria for transport of dangerous goods

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Observation and analysis of transalpine freight traffic flows (deadline 10/10/2011)

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Framework service contract for the provision of technical support to the Industry Consultation Body established under the Single European Sky legislation (deadline: 8/09/2011)

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Impact of security on the workload of all categories of ship crew members — interaction with manning level of ships (deadline: 23/05/2011)

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Provision of support services in the field of inland waterway transport

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Europe-wide awareness raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility (deadline: 07/07/2011)

03.02.2010 Call for tender: Framework contract to provide support for the further development of EU air transport policy in relations with third countries and within the internal ...