News & events

25.10.2012 e-Maritime Annual Conference 2012: Connecting the maritime world - towards 2020 (22-23 November 2012)

24.10.2012 Air transport: Commission adopts new rules for safe commercial flights

23.10.2012 Infringement proceedings in the field of Rail and Air transport

18.10.2012 Conference on fair and efficient road pricing

17.10.2012 Inland waterways and nature protection: New guidelines

17.10.2012 ACEA Annual Transport Policy Event 2012



17.10.2012 Tools for assessing the costs and benefits of green growth : the U.S. and Mexico

This paper examines the processes used in the United States and Mexico to assess the economic costs and benefits of environmental improvement, the kinds of information obtained from these procedures, and the additional knowledge that is needed about both elements to improve understanding of the p...


16.10.2012 PASSENGER CAR registrations: -7.6% over ninemonths; -10.8% in September

Brussels, 16/10/2012 - In September, new passenger car registrations continued their downward trend, declining for the twelfth consecutive month ...


16.10.2012 Trade in a 'green growth' development strategy : global scale issues and challenges

This paper surveys the state of knowledge about the trade-related environmental consequences of a country's development strategy along three channels: (i) direct trade-environment linkages (overexploitation of natural resources and trade-related transport costs); (ii) 'virtual trade' in emissions...


16.10.2012 Introducing behavioral change in transportation into energy/economy/environment models

Transportation is vital to economic and social development, but at the same time generates undesired consequences on local, regional, and global scales. One of the largest challenges is the mitigation of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, to which this sector already contributes one-quarter...