Since 1997 CORTE has fostered cooperation on road transport and mobility within Europe and internationally


The Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement (CORTE) was established in 1997 as an informal group of experts named the “EU Enforcers Group”. Since then, it has evolved to become a leading international (non-profit) organisation, which brings together national authorities, transport associations and transport companies to foster cooperation, support regulatory evolution & harmonization of rules, conduct research, and promote smart enforcement.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is CORTE’s highest decision-making body. CORTE Full Members (i.e. national authorities) have right to vote on specific issues in the General Assembly. The voting and decision making by the General Assembly is conducted in accordance with the CORTE Statutes.

The General Assembly meets twice a year to adopt CORTE budget, appoint external auditor, give quitus to CORTE Board of Directors and to approve annual accounts.  

Board Of Directors


Management Board

The Management Board is the primary decision-making body of CORTE. It is entitled to take any decisions and/or actions which are considered necessary for achieving the goals of CORTE. The Management Board also has the responsibility of backing the CEO in managing activities of CORTE by setting targets, elaborating general strategy, and implementing policies, among other things.
The Management Board is elected by Full Members of CORTE (i.e. national authorities) in accordance with CORTE Statutes. It includes representatives from (up to 6) CORTE Full Members.

List of current Management Board members

  • Robert MIKULAS – Hungary (Ministry of Construction and Transport)
  • Justin MARTIN – Ireland (Road Safety Authority)
  • Jeffrey GEESDORP – the Netherlands (Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)
  • Gordon MACDONALD – United Kingdom (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency - DVSA) 
Executive Board

The CORTE Management Board is supported by the CORTE Executive Board. The Executive Board is in charge of operational activities. It steers CORTE working groups, under the supervision of the CORTE Management Board. The Executive Board includes representatives from (up to 7) Full Members, (up to 2) Associate Members and (up to 2) Observers. The Executive Board is also elected by CORTE Full Members (i.e. national authorities).

List of current Executive Board members

Representatives from CORTE Full Members

  • Jean-François GAILLET – Belgium (VIAS)
  • Lieven VANDENBERGE – Belgium (ITLB – Transport and Logistics)
  • Robert MIKULAS – Hungary (Ministry of Construction and Transport)
  • Spencer MILLER – United Kingdom (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency - DVSA) 
  • Bjarne SANDNES – Norway (Public Roads Administration)

Representatives from CORTE Associate Members

  • Frank DAVIDSEN – Nordic Logistics Association (NLA)
  • Oleg KAMBERSKI – International Road Union (IRU)

Representatives from CORTE Observers

  • Piotr ZOLTY – Inelo
  • Ciaran NUGENT – Euro Tachograph Solutions



  • Hans Drijer

For the last 30 years, Hans Drijer has been involved in the enforcement and co-ordination practice of driving and resting hours transport legislation for all modes of transport, first as inspector and later as senior inspector. He has an excellent affinity with both the transport (driving and resting hours) branch and the enforcement bodies. Hans represented the Transport Inspectorate Netherlands in several official and semi-official commissions and working groups.

Ceo And Secretariat


The CORTE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Board of Directors. The CORTE CEO conducts a range of activities for and on behalf of CORTE. Some of these tasks include – proposing strategy and main objectives to be achieved by CORTE, implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors, representing CORTE at different meetings and events, and managing CORTE secretariat.

The CEO of CORTE is Mr. Rémy RUSSOTTO.


CORTE CEO is assisted by CORTE Secretariat which is responsible for executing organisational, operational and research tasks. CORTE Secretariat is based in Brussels. It consists of:

Ms. Evlin KAVAK, Office Manager

Mr. Jayant SANGWAN, Innovation & Policy Manager

Ms. Marusa BENKIC, Innovation & Policy Officer



CORTE is a non-profit association governed by Statutes.

The Statutes are the rules governing the life of the association. They set the general rules by which CORTE is organised and operates.

CORTE has also established a Corporate Governance Charter, to support organisational and operational aspects. The Charter is a key tool for an efficient and transparent management of the Association on a long-term basis. This Charter has been drawn up in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Belgian Codes on Corporate Governance.

The Charter:

Describes the corporate governance structure of the Association Complements the Statutes by detailing some key organisational and operational aspects. The rules of the Corporate Governance Charter aim at promoting a transparent, effective management and control of the Association. 


CORTE is committed to respecting the privacy of its members and treating their personal data with strict confidentiality in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

The information on the data CORTE collects, the purpose for which it is collected, the way it is used and stored as well as the rights data providers have with respect to their data, can be found in CORTE’s data privacy statement below.

We invite you to read CORTE’s data privacy statement carefully. In the event you may have any questions and queries in this regard you may write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Read our data privacy policy here.