CORTE membership allows you to access exclusive content on most relevant topics related to road transport rules as well as to play a role in harmonizing practices and shaping polices at EU and international level.


  • Play an active role in harmonizing road transport rules/practices and shaping future policies through direct discussions with European Commission and the United Nations.
  • Participate in different working groups to gain practical knowledge on technical and regulatory issues related to road transport.
  • Receive expert advice on key road transport topics including (but not limited to) smart enforcement, driving and resting times, tachograph issues, posting of workers, cabotage and card issuing.
  • Get access to latest practices employed by enforcers across Europe and beyond to implement road transport rules.
  • Become part of a growing community of road transport practitioners and experts, passionate about improving safety, social fairness, and sustainability in road transport domain.



National Authorities

Full Members are national transport and enforcement authorities (Ministries, police and government transport departments) from the EU Member States, the European Economic Area, and non-EU AETR countries.

Transport Associations

Associate Members are associations active in the field of road transport and groups of interest involved in road transport issues both in Europe and abroad.

Transport Companies

Observers are industrial partners providing services and products that fall within CORTE’s area of expertise.