TRACE 2 - Efficient and Harmonized Implementation of Mobility Package 1


TRACE 2 project focuses on efficient and harmonized implementation of rules and changes introduced by mobility package 1. TRACE 2 will build upon and follow the success of the TRACE project, which played an important role in harmonising enforcement of EU rules on driving and rest time (as applied before mobility package 1) by providing consolidated enforcement guidance in different languages.   

TRACE 2 will be implemented under the leadership of CORTE and in close collaboration with consortium partners IRU, ETF and SQUARIS Consultants. ROADPOL and ECR will also be involved in the project. The aim of the project will be to take stock of changes introduced by mobility package 1, develop enforcement guidance/traning materials, and organize training sessions for enforcers across the EU.

The work under TRACE 2 will be implemented on three topics covered by the mobility package 1:

1) Rules on Driving/Resting times and Tachograph

2) Lex Specialis on Posting of Drivers

3) Rules on Access to Market and Profession